Like you...  only smaller.

It's time to get small. 

With 3D imaging and printing technologies, creating a mini version of you is a snap.  Less than a second of your time in our 3D scanning booth is all that is required, then our team takes over, creating a beautifully rendered 3D image of you, printing it out to the size you desire (the bigger, the more detailed the final print), and shipping it right to your door.

How it works

Just step into our scanning booth, and in less than a second, 85 cameras will capture an 8K resolution image of you from all sides (and top - unless you're super tall).  From this, we construct a 3D model, accurate to about .5cm. 

This .obj file can be used for things like video game avatars or 3D art, as well as producing a 3D printed figurine.  Our printing partners complete the figurine (usually within a week, but as long as 3 weeks during peak times), and we then lovingly ship it off to your front door.